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Input is greatly appreciated. In a network server, many threads will be in a waiting state as they are listening for a response from the client. Few will be active at any one point in time.

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Free Gamer - it's the dogz Vexi - web UI platform. First, let's define what a server does. Oh, here it is. Let me clear something up. Right now I have a fully functional system.

The only problem is that now it works with a few players but it will not scale, or rather, I don't know if it will. I think my real questions should be "What are the good design practices to write a scalable server? When a player generates an event eg writes something in general chat the server dispatches this to the other players by iterating through the map and locking it to prevent concurrent modification.

Let's say there are players online generating various events, the threads on the server will contend too much for the map lock and throughput and service time will suffer.

Later, I have come to learn that there's a map implementation designed for concurrency, ConcurrentHashMap, but I don't know how good it really is and whether replacing my map instance with a ConcurrentHashMap will be sufficient to support players. There's also the thread per client problem. I am not sure about this design, I worry threads is too much. There seems to be another model where the server doesn't keep one thread per active connection but instead keeps a list of the connections and then have a single thread poll the connections periodically to see if there are events at the TCP layer pending to be dispatched and notify some listener.

This would cure the server from too many threads but at the cost of lower service time. Or so it seems to me I could probably figure out how to write the server well if I had a means to test it under moderate and heavy load - connections in one lobby but I would need actual users. Large organizations have the resources and the people to run those kind of tests.

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But how would a sole developer do that? I think I will write some kind of bot, populate the server with many instances, and see how it behaves. I don't know if I am being naive but I'll try and see how far I get. Why don't you just test what you have? A simple automatic system, either as a script or a Java application will allow you to simulate several clients, naturally you'll need one machine for the server and others for the clients but it may provide some help.

Also, the question about scalability will heavily depend on how many clients per server you want to have, you can divide de work load between other servers or clients that behave as servers.

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  • Whatever choice you make, I believe you're thinking too much about a problem you don't yet have. Instead of using a single global lock for the backing array, it uses multiple ones. Each lock guards a subset of the hash buckets. This allows multiple threads to work with different portions of the map concurrently.

    java - Matchmaking for a multiplayer game - Code Review Stack Exchange

    Only when two threads need to access the same portion of the map that mutual exclusion happens. It is said to have very good performance. If you 1 iteratively step through the list of connected players and 2 lock everything whenever actual action is performed, then they're just useless. In a server, threads only make sense not much even there, though for things like HTTP servers where the connected clients have no relation to each other.

    For now I just create these pair connection as this: I wait for the first client, then I wait for the second client and then open a thread for the input of client 1 that gets forwarded to client 2 and the other way around. This is not usable for multiple clients. The first that connects would have to be kept on hold in some global table in your server until the second client connects. Once a pair of clients would have been recognized as interlocutors, you would create a pair of threads to forward the data sent by each client to the other one.

    By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. How to create a java Server that accepts client connections and then build a relay connection for a client pair Ask Question.

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    How can I do this decent? Hydrophilia Hydrophilia 6 5. I guess You would have to somehow identify each client, wouldn't You? Yes I know what client pair to connect because they have to send a unique ID after they connected to the server. My "problem" is if I open a thread for each client and wait for the input stream, how can I connect those two clients that are handled in different threads? The way I see it, a client would need to establish a TCP? Maurice Perry Maurice Perry The problem for me is.

    If the first connected client is identified in a new thread and the other client is identified too in another thread later.

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