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What does that tell ya? Scammers to get you to spend credits. Stay away from this. I presume these are fake profiles the company uses for stealing credits. In summary , you'll get about offers in 8 months , 50 of them will be attractive enough to reward for their company , 45 of those 50 won't set up a meeting after accepting their offer, 5 you will actually meet , 3 of those had no further interest other than getting paid to dine with you , leaving 2 of incredibly beautiful , young women who want to develop a serious intimate relationship with you , and that probably makes it worth all the troubles.

Very unprofesional and will charge your card even if you cancel. I paid them just to get them out of my hair but they are thugs from who know what country in the end. Signed up for a profile, didnt get a chance to fill out a profile or add any pictures that day. Tried to login about a week later, and it says cannot login and to contact customer support. Hmmm sounds fishy to me. Wouldnt be surprised if this site is just a money laundering cover up.

The website seems to hire lots of individuals to open fake profiles. Since men have to pay to unlock messages, the fake profile user will pose as a prospect making you unlock over and over till your credits run out. Cannot trust the website anymore, go somewhere else. M, 6ft, 56, slim, well dressed.

What Makes Them Different?

Full of fakes you have to weed out first. Once you've done that and established normal conversation and general interest in each other online, move towards phone conversation. I meet in a very public and classy space, star hotel bar or lounge close to my home or hotel room.

Online Dating Scam: Date Verification Part 1 - Your "date"

I've stopped doing the dinner or drinks only dates entirely now. But it takes patience, attention, kindness, relating and being a gentleman to make the ladies feel at ease and loved Your online profile, your description, the online conversation and phone calls must all be aligned and match exactly what the lady will experience when she meets you for the first time I don't know whose idea it was or what they had in mind with the site..

You may have a one in chance of landing somebody that you like for a relationship if you are sociable and marketable enough.. Maybe 1 in if you're not! Even so, by breaking it down. To begin the conversation with someone you have to spend credits.. The average credit on a girl is around Say if u go with the credit plan to save some money.

So let's not going to talk about 1 and or 1 and whatever the chances are for those not so lucky. Don't waste the money!! I'm a beautiful Caribbean woman, not at all full of myself and very educated. I wrote a nice profile, added one of my model headshots and several candids casual, no nudes and nothing questionable. My profile went around 2 weeks without being verified so I contacted the site owners. First I received a response that they vote on members.

Then I received a response that I am banned permanently, no reason given. There's also nothing in the FAQ I could find of why my profile would not be accepted. I hope they don't keep my info up as another user suggested. I found out the hard way when I was on a date. I only go to http: The ladies make a cut of the tokens you must purchase to meet them, which you will never do, never meet any, is's a total scam!

They dont even read the profiles. Stay away from this site! Met several sugar daddies here and all of them were very generous. Whatsyourprice works wonders and I totally recommend it. Only alternative I see is Paymedaddy but there are not as many memebrs in my area. Went on two dates, both girls followed up and wanted a second - whoopie - one hundred dollars a date for a girl that makes her money dating - about as shallow an experience as it gets. No satisfaction emotionally, sexually, intellectually. Once you accept the offer, they will reply once maybe twice and then abandon the conversation and move on.

This is a scam to get you to use more credits. It's obvious they're multitasking and operating separate profiles at once.

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Hard to figure this site out So far the guys send an offer and they literally just message you and have no intention of actually going on a date, there has been no mention of a date-at all The guys want to know everything about you before the first date. So what are we gonna talk about on our date if we're texting what we should be saying face to face? I think face to face conversations in the newest stage of a relationship is important because, its easy for someone to fake their way thru online. Go to backpage if you want a cheap fck.

WhatsYourPrice Headquarters

No doubt the company collecting your money creates fake profiles with beautiful pics then sends info and phone s no one answers till you run out of credit! She wants some more of me. This is not a boys site.. I was in a very long unforfilled marriage I really have no expectations when I go on a date or talk to potential dates if I make a new friend it's worth it to me. The Site Is A Scam. I thought I would give it a try but my instincs where right. I just got back from a date with one of the girls on the site. We meet at a local coffee shop. We were having good conversation and then I asked if she wanted to go grab a bite to eat.

She agreed and I told her to follow me in her car. Before we could go she asked for the date fee so that she new I was not going to scam her. I gave her the money and we started to walk together to head over to the resturant. Then she said she needed to use the bathroom and left out the side door. They should charge the girls to be on the site too to weed out the scammers. They need to fix that or else they will always be a 1 star company.

It is entirely up to you on what is a reasonable price for a Generous member to take you out on a date. I do hope this was helpful. Best regards, WhatsYourPrice Support.

Hi Bella, It is best to receive the money you agreed on in person. You can do it half at the beginning and half at the end, upfront, or at the end of the date. It is really up to you. In order to set up a date and send messages with members, you first need an accepted offer with that user.

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If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to us at Support WhatsYourPrice. Any subsequent dates that happen afterward are up for you and the other user to discuss. That's all the steps needed to start a membership with us. Hi Leonard, Yes, in order to send messages to other users, you first need an accepted offer with that user.

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Once both sides have accepted an offer, the Generous member you will need to use credits to unlock the conversation! Credits can be purchased by selecting the "Buy Credits" option after clicking your username in the top right-hand corner of your account.

source site If you need any further assistance please feel free to reach out to us at Support WhatsYourPrice. Hi Greg, Yes and No. Depending on the type of account you create, you will either be the one who pays, or the one who gets paid. Use the search filters! On website you are free to select women by age, appearance features of the size of allowance they dream to get. It is a smart tool that makes the matches more accurate. You can use a few at once to make the list of your potential sugar babies meet your demands even more.

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WhatsYourPrice was created for communication between men and women, so the main function of the site is communication.

whats your price dating reviews Whats your price dating reviews
whats your price dating reviews Whats your price dating reviews
whats your price dating reviews Whats your price dating reviews
whats your price dating reviews Whats your price dating reviews
whats your price dating reviews Whats your price dating reviews

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