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CookieMonster24 , Jun 29, Transformed Jan 19, at 7: How come Black men have bad taste in White women? TheLetterD , Jan 14, LeeNi85 Jan 19, at 2: KimberlyWest , Nov 23, SpaceMermaid Jan 19, at 5: WM is the ultimate status symbol? Rorre Jan 19, at 1: What's up with Scandinavian men? Kscrub Jan 18, at 5: Ladies I need your help. Entitled non-black women who get mad when you're black and look better Groanesha , May 8, PrincessKee Jan 15, StayTrue , Jan 23, LocoG Jan 15, I feel more desirable with non black men incogneato , Dec 28, PebblesMean2U Jan 15, This girl's man is fine.

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Something Black men says they dont do Greeneapples , Jul 4, BillieOcean Jan 7, What if it becomes too much: No one will judge you except for the family. I dated an African American guy for over a year and his mom hated me. My family loved him.

Interracial couples are common and the only people that usually judge are the families. My husband is a different race and some of my family can be rude about him or to him, personally we make it a joke. Because we know we love each other and that is all that matters to us. I think it depends on how serious your relationship is. I am white and my boyfriend is mexican, i get alot of jokes from my family about it..

But overall our families get along really well and we don't get judged too much:. I look white, but my dad is Mexican. My boyfriend is Mexican and Apache Indian. We get weird looks, especially since my kids are very white, but we just shrug it off. I'm not sure with others ethinicities, but with most Koreans interracial dating isn't taken lightly.

Black brahs. Interracial dating. How have your experiences been?

My own brother is having problems - his girlfriend is korean, we're filipino. Gf's mom keeps forcing her to break up with my brother since he's not Korean. My uncle is african american and is married to a Korean woman. They had so many problems when they dated though. There was a time where my uncle visited his now wife Korean gf in a different state when they were still in college.

As soon as he landed, he was confronted by the Korean girl's father waiting for him with a plane ticket BACK to where he just came from. Obviously, fate sided with my uncle and his gf since they are now happily married with kids.

Interracial Dating

But to this day the in laws give him an extremely hard time. His father in law didn't attend their wedding, the mother in law cried and cursed under her breath the entire time. I don't mean to scare you, and this doesn't go for all interracial couples at all. Just sharing what I've seen myself.

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I am mostly euromutt with a good dash of Cherokee and Blackfoot. I think it's funny and my family accepted my husband as much as they ever would because he's 'white', but the Chinese guy I went out with got tortured by his uncle, who he lived with, and my family let him hang around, but never made him welcome. He got dumped though, because he tried to hit me I am caucasian and my now husband is african american and my advice is all that matters is between you and your significant other i wouldnt trade my husband for the world!!

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His mom doesnt like me and probably never will.. She flat out says its because im white.. I didnt choose to be white So im not worried about her opinion until she stops being narrow minded only the woman who raise my husband and that is his grandmother she loves me! And i love her! No ones opinions matter!!

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Everyone has different opinions you can not please everyone so make yourself happy first!! Yes people stare at us all the time but at the end of the day i couldnt be happier and thats all that matters. I was SO lucky when I met my husband, his family was very accepting even though i was not quite what they had in mind for him exactly Love is love and maybe his family will be harsh. Maybe with him but not openly with you. I have heard some parents prefer tHem to marry in there race and see every relashonahip as a potentiol marriage four there children.

interracial dating forums Interracial dating forums
interracial dating forums Interracial dating forums
interracial dating forums Interracial dating forums
interracial dating forums Interracial dating forums
interracial dating forums Interracial dating forums
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